The Ingenious Garbage Bin

Bagpipe is a simple tool that makes filling garbage bags fast, easy and fun!

You probably recognize how unreasonably difficult it is to fill a regular garbage bag. You’re always missing a second pair of hands to hold the bag up and open, and pointy objects are virtually impossible to get in without ripping the bag. The result is often half empty and torn bags, which is bad for the environment, your economy and your mood.

But with the Bagpipe INSIDE the bag the problem is solved. The robust Bagpipe simply protects the bag and the firm opening is easy to fill. As you compress the garbage in the Bagpipe, unhandy objects just slide down the inside of the pipe without damaging the bag and when the Bagpipe is full, you simply pull it out – leaving the garbage neatly in the bag!

Below you find a quick demonstration of the Bagpipe. We promise it’ll be your new favorite tool, whether you’re working in the garden or a construction site, throwing a party or just emptying the garbage bins at the office.

Easy, sustainable and responsible.

It’s all about making it easy and fun for you. In addition, you will spend fewer plastic bags, which is good for both the environment and your economy. The Bagpipe is made from recycled plastics and is manufactured in Denmark under fair and responsible conditions.